Vitamin Injections

Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B12 is a natural energy booster and a great way to strengthen your immune system. Since the B-12 shot is in injected directly into the bloodstream, your body retains all of vitamin instantaneously. Oral vitamins take much longer to digest and be absorbed by the body, also losing some potency along the way.

Benefits of B-12 shots include:

  • increased energy and boost in mood and depressed states
  • boost in immune system improvement of cognitive function and memory
  • increase in metabolism and accelerated weight loss
  • improvement with sleep disorders
  • allergies

Where on my body is the Vitamin B12 injected?

The Vitamin B12 injection consists of 1mL of B12 (concentration of 1,000 µg/mL), which is injected via a quick intra-muscular injection (usually into the patient’s non-dominant deltoid muscle [shoulder] or into the gluteal muscle [buttocks]). There is virtually none to minimal pain involved with this process.

How soon can I receive another Vitamin B12 injection?

Serial Vitamin B12 injections must be performed no sooner than every 4 weeks. Please consult with the physician or RN if you have nay questions regarding this protocol.

Who is not eligible to receive a Vitamin B12 injection?

The following are contraindications for receiving a B12 injection. Patient who are:

  • allergic to B12 injections and/or have shown allergic reactions to such injections in the past
  • currently taking warfarin (Coumadin). Please let your provider know if you have ever taken warfariin (Coumadin) in the past
  • pregnant
  • contraindicated in early Leber’s disease, which is hereditary optic nerve atrophy