How does the SilkPeel Procedure work?

The SilkPeel DermalInfusion procedure is a diamond-tip microdermabrasion treatment, coupled with a simultaneous infusion of a skin-specific solution. What does this actually mean? Well, think of it in 2 parts: 

Exfoliation: Depending on each patient’s skin type and sensitivity, a specific grate of the diamond tip is selected for the procedure. For example, for more sensitive skin, a finer diamond tip is selected so that the exfoliation and abrasion is not as harsh or “scraping” on the skin. This procedure, after all, is supposed to be comfortable, relaxing, and immediately result in a smooth silky finish to the skin

Solution Infusion: At the same time that the nurse is exfoliating the skin with the diamond-tip and the machine is vacuum sucking out the oil, dirt, and debris stuck in the pores, a skin-specific solution is being infused into the pores. Therefore, this is a “wet” microderm abrasion treatment since it is done with a solution. The solution helps treat the skin issues currently presented on the skin, such as acne or discolorization.

Furthermore, the vacuum and solution flow settings are continually monitored and manipulated by the treating RN in order to custom-set the settings for each patient’s needs.

TIP: We recommend the SilkPeel procedure to patients for regular skin health and maintenance as well. Since the diamond-tip extracts and exfoliates the skin in a uniform and sterile manner, we feel this is much more effective and desirable to the traditional European facial since it is a vacuum-powered machine extracting the dirt and oil from the skin (vs. the fingers and nails of a facial technician). The SilkPeel diamond tip(s) and machine/tubing are sterilized and cleaned after every procedure to maintain high quality of care.

How many SilkPeel treatments do I need?

A SilkPeel treatment can be done for many reasons: for regular skin health and maintenance (in replacement of facials, for example), OR for an actual skin condition such as acne.

If you have a skin issue you need to target-treat, we recommend doing 3-6 SilkPeel sessions consecutively to see good results. Each session is performed every 3 weeks, and there is virtually no down-time. You can apply sunscreen or makeup immediately after the procedure, and carry on with normal daily activities.

How does the SilkPeel differ from traditional microdermabrasion?

In comparison to Microdermabrasion, a SilkPeel is much more controlled and consistent in the way it operates. That is because, rather than blasting particles at skin (as with older microderm devices), or pushing an abrasive tip across the skin by hand, dermalinfusion uses the controlled vacuum pressure to pull the skin up into a chamber in the hand piece, where it is evenly abraded just as aggressively or as softly as the vacuum pressure is set by the skincare professional.

Does the SilkPeel treatment hurt?

The SilkPeel treatment is a very comfortable, and relaxing procedure. It is intended to remove only the top-most layer of the skin (dead skin layer) and remove dirt/oil/debris clogging up the skin’s pores. The SilkPeel is a 15-20 minute procedure, with no expected pain at all.

Immediately following the procedure, you will notice that your skin’s texture is very smooth (silky) and even.

NOTE: The SilkPeel system has a “waste” jar attache dto it, to collect all of the dirt/debris extracted from the patient’s skin during the procedure. At the end of your treatment, the nurse will unscrew this jar and show you exactly how much dirt / blackheads / oil / debris was clogging your skin/pores. It is definitely interesting to see!

Pre-treatment “Do’s and Don’ts”

  • DON’T get a facial, microdermabrasion, chemical peel, or other facial treatment 2-3 weeks before your SilkPeel treatment.
  • DON’T use Accutane medication AT LEAST 6 months prior to your treatment or Retin-A at least 2 weeks prior to your appointment. You may resume Retin-A use at 3 days after your procedure. Please consult your prescribing physician prior to discontinuing any medication.
  • DON’T sun bathe or sun tan prior to your treatment. The procedure can not be performed on burned or comprimised skin.
  • DO update us regarding any new medications you are taking or any new health conditions we should be aware of, which were not previously disclosed on your patient health history form.

lWhat to expect during your initial visit:

Forms: You are asked to arrive about 15 minutes before your FIRST visit in order to fill out your new patient forms. For all other appointments after your first visit, you can arrive a few minutes before your scheduled visit.

Wash Face: If you are able to arrive without anything on your face (i.e. makeup, sunscreen, etc.) please do so. If you are not able to, we will have you cleanse and wash the face in-office prior to the procedure.

Treatment Room: Your SilkPeel session will promptly begin at you scheduled appointment time. Once you enter the treatment room, our professional nurse will ask you a couple questions about the areas you would like to treat that day. (Please note that the treatment room is kept at a cool temperature for clinical purposes.) After the nurses assesses your health history and treatment area, you’re all set to start the procedure.

After your SilkPeel Treatment:

SPF, SPF, SPF!!! As always, not just after facial treatments, make sure to continually apply SPF 30 or higher to your face, chest, and hands (these are the most sensitive areas, especially while you’re driving). We carry SkinMedica’s SPF 50+ in our office for purchase, and is a highly recommended product for post-laser treatments (especially for the face).

Cleanser, Toner, and at-home Skin Care: Since you are only in our office for 30 mins for your SilkPeel treatment, and at home for the next 3 weeks, it is VERY IMPORTANT to invest in quality, medical-grade skin care products, in order to complement and enhance your SilkPeel results. Using inferior, ineffective products with undesirable ingredients is not recommended, and may contribute to further skin issues.

Follow-Up Session: You may perform follow-up SilkPeel treatments every 3 weeks, per your clinician’s treatment recommendation.